Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polished Bakelite

Bakelite. The colors, the sound, the weight. What is not to love?

Polished Bakelite in Champagne, Navy Blue, Pink and Red

We didn't set out to change the face of Bakelite collecting. We don't claim that polished is superior to patinaed. We just set out to discover what it used to look like, and to expand the colors in one single collection through the process of restoration. Suddenly, there was Brighter Bakelite. We love it, and found that a lot of other people do, too. No wonder so much Bakelite was made! It came in every color of the rainbow, and could be matched with every ensemble.

It has been a lot of fun, and a very interesting journey. This blog will talk about a lot of different aspects of Bakelite, polished bakelite, identification. But for now - we just want to show off some of the amazing colors we have discovered over the last six months.

Brighter Bakelite Clear Polished Bangle

Polished Bakelite in Pure White

Brighter Bakelite in Baby Pink

Hot Pink Brighter Bakelite Paired with Polished Greens

Brighter Bakelite in Violet Prystal Marblette

Raspberry Bakelite (one of our favorite polished colors)

Aqua Bakelite - one of our most requested colors

Brighter Bakelite in Arizona Turquoise
1930s Navy Blue Bakelite Clamper with Mother of Pearl