Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Polish the Bakelite! All the Bakelite!

The time has come, my little friends, to polish other's things! And make your bracelets bright and fresh - a collection for a queen.

Brighter Bakelite is going to start professionally polishing YOUR Bakelite. It will be finished as completely and professionally as the pieces offered in our Etsy shop. At first, we will take only smooth surface bangles that are round (not oval). These will include inlays of Bakelite or wood, including dot inlays, and laminates with a smooth surface. We will not be taking faceted or carved bangles, or inlays of other materials, such as metal or rhinestones at this time, but will do so in the future.

Anti tarnish bags will be sent to keep them brighter longer.

Please send us an email at brighterbakelite@gmail.com if you are interested in this service.
 You are responsible for tracking and insurance on your package to make sure it reaches us safely. Ship your bracelets as soon as possible after signing up to:

Jesse Fowler
Brighter Bakelite Polishing Department (this line is important!!)
4839 East Burnside st. #16
Portland, OR 97215

Upon receipt, an estimate will be provided and work will commence once you have confirmed your polishing price. Upon completion you will be sent a PayPal invoice to the email address provided on the form. Turn around time is estimated to be 1- 2 weeks.

Here is our estimated price list for the polishing service:

For Bangle up to 1/4" thickness:

Up to 1/4"       (6mm  ):    $13

Up to 5/8"       (16mm):    $23

Up to 7/8"       (22mm)     $28

Up to 1 1/8"    (29mm)     $33

Up to 1 1/2"    (38mm)     $38

Up to 1 3/4      (45mm)     $43

Up to 2"          (51mm)     $48

Over 2"           Specialty Pricing

*For Bangles over 1/4" thickness, add $5 to each width.*

All of this is subject to change, and the contract signed will always be honored.

This is a service for our customers. At this time, we are only accepting pieces from private collections, not intended for resale. We ask resellers to respect this. If we find that pieces completed through this service are being sold through Etsy, Ebay or other venues we will will regretfully discontinue this service.

Thank you for being such great and respectful customers!

Jesse Fowler

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